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      I have been producing photo slideshow videosindependently for 5 or 6 years now but have never been able to break into the market for getting a contract with a funeral home and producing for them on a regular basis since every one of them in my area already have their own contracts with other production companies. Recently I discovered a new funeral home coming to the area and I really want to give it my best shot to pick up a contract with them. I have produced a demo reel of some of my most recent and best slideshow videos but I am not sure what I should ask for charge costs. I have my own current price rates but I don’t know what one should ask as a fair price to a funeral home business. Does anyone do this and if so what do you charge for a video to a funeral business? I don’t want to overcharge them, yet I don’t want to be getting paidliterallynothing for the work I put into it as well.

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      I do hundreds of them each year, but I also offer and provide projection services as well making this an easier sale. I practically GIVE away the montages because they usually bring me the income I want from the projection, and I make an average of $150 additionally from the 5-6 average number of digital master DVD copies I sell.

      The money being in the projection and duplication, I offer 24-hour turnaround from time of receipt of materials (hard copy photos and/or digital Jpeg files on CD, or a mix of both, the occasional slide or so), I charge $125 for production of the master DVD. I allow for “up to” 150 images, three songs, opening/closing title, custom graphics on the DVD and a custom insert in ultrathin DVD case.

      My family clients average 80-to-100 images, but there are a few who go higher. Average length of the project is 8 minutes, a number of them go to 12 minutes, and the rare person who doesn’t care about driving their guests to apoplexy will go beyond the 20-minute mark. I try to dissuade them, but I give them what they want, and charge $2 for each additional photo over 150, plus $5 for each song beyond 3. They provide their OWN purchased commercial CDs with the songs they want.

      I built my relationship with area funeral services providers by proving myself over the long haul. I have managed to serve them well, deliver when needed and have guaranteed and stood by my 24-hour turnaround. Consequently, most of the counselors I’ve worked with now give me a week or more (most of the time) lead time.

      Keep in mind that my funeral memorial montage business hinges on getting the projection services as well. On average I make about $600 per memorial, spend 3 hours, give or take, on creating the montage DVD product, and up to 3 hours (setup, projection, breakdown) on location – $100 per hour works for me.

      You can find a number of useful articles regarding not only montage production, but projection and memorial service, as well as funeral videotaping and production at my blog: E.C. Come, E.C. Go Check it out!

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      If ya just adhere to your regualr hourly rate, you’ll never mind extra elements or revisions and you’ll never have to wonder how much you’ll make, ala selling DVDs. It keeps the math very simple and more importantly, weeds grinders by default.

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      It depends on your geographics and demographics as well. I have done memorial montages for about three years just with one local funeral home. Bear in mind I live in rural northern Michigan in a town with a population of 3,500. The funeral home averages 100 calls per year. I was doing 3-4 per month at $125/each + copies @$10.00 each. The MI economy has gone to crud and now I’m lucky to get one per month – people just aren’t spending money anymore.

      I charge $125.00 for up to 30 photos – every photo is custom animated via keyframing – no photo is ever static – creates a more emotional and moving piece. I’ve always gotten rave reviews, but people just are not spending anymore – at least for now.

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