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      Ok, so i took the leap!!! AHHHHHH! I took a severance at a mill that I worked at, and I am going full time into a photography/video business my wife and I have ran for 4 years. I have piled lots of money into the business and we are fairly set up for equipment. We need a 2nd camera, a new video camera and some studio lights for the wifes photography. Anyways I have dabbled in safety videos and promotional videos, funeral videos, and weddings, and am just wondering about any tips in promoting your own business. I have made some information sheets, and plan to go business to business and hand them out. Also, here is my new website. Some parts are still under construction but it is starting too look good now. Let me know what you guys think and any ideas I should do with it.


      Thanks Parksy

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      Looks good. You may want to join dvprofessionals.com and you can get advice from others who have done the same. πŸ˜‰

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      Thanks. I signed up!

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      You may also want to join WEVA – They have meetings in many cities and it’s a great way to network (they also used to offer group insurance but don’t know if they do that anymore).

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