from which angles should I shoot a concert?

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      Hello, i have been filming a few shows for a friend. it's only me shooting and even been kind of happy with the result i have absolutly no background as a film maker and i'm probably not shooting the right angles.
      I'm only using one camera as you can see but i plan on use 2 cameras the next time (one of the cameras been fixed) and then make a multishot. Can you give me tips to improve?
      Maybe sometimes i'm trying to capture more then i should… tell me everything πŸ™‚
      Here is a few shots from recent shows (i'm using an iphone and will be using 2 in the future so no zoom..)
      : (here i was in a table so i didn't moved a lot..)

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      In the second video clip, it’s a little distracting with music stands and mic stands in the foreground and you end up with a continuous “up-the nose” shot. If you shoot from this front of stage location again, and you’re using something as light-weight as an iphone, try fastening it to a monopod or broom pole, hoist it up and you’ll get a better “eye-level” perspective shot.

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      wayne thanks for the tip about the second video. indeed it wasn’t easy to shoot so close. what about the angles that i choose of the persons playing? should i always try to film just one at each time? can i have more then 1 person in the same plane? how should i cut them? Give me more tips because i really don’t know what should be my main focus. doing a 2 angles shoot with one fixed camera, that fixed camera should be of what?

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      Well here is the first attempt.

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      I just got done filming my first concert as well! Although it was a bit more complex. We had 3 cameras. For my handheld shots we would be below the stage, always try slow zooms on the guitar solos, investing in a tripod would also be very beneficial. I would also try to keep shots less than one minute long. I also recommend capturing the full band when the singer is singing a verse. And yes, avoid mic stands and music stand as much as possible.



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      Thanks for the tips. Looking On my last video that i posted how many cmeras looks like i am using?

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      Basically using 3 cameras is the standard, but you can use as many as you can but it must be with the corresponding angle of every shot so it will not brineak in the story.




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      Live or for post? 

      Let's say live. 

      Cam 1 wide, cover. Cam 2 tight follow. Both are next to each other, center line from stage and eye level of talent – distance depends on your glass but Cam 2 should acheive a medium close up of singer, guitair, keyboard head etc. You can lock down Cam 1 if on budget. 

      Add a hand held op who can move on, down and up stage getting over the shoulder and instrument close ups. 

      Add a jib – very nice tracking fluid shots for slow music, crowd reaction and perspective, and opening and closing shots. 

      Add an over the shoulder POV of drummer or keyboard (think GoPro HDMI).

      You can shoot the entire show with lock down GoPros or other wide POV cameras which can make very pretty, entertaining pieces. 

      Cut just before the beat – or on up beats. Fades and disolves for mood. Rack focus between band members and instruments.  

      What is great about today's technology is the ability to produce an HD multicamera switched show on a budget and – if well planned it can be very nicely put together – and you'll have lots of fun producing it!


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      You know i was going to post then i read the guy above me and he's GOT IT! 

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