From Weekend Warrior to Corporate Producer

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I have been dabbling with video for a number of years now, and about 6 months ago I got a job with a local manufacturing company producing training and promotional videos. We've just released a new video that is a bit of a departure from what we usually do - lighter on promotion, heavier on education. It's not the most glamorous of topics in the world, but we believe it's going to make an impact on our industry, and, eventually, public health.

It's kind of long, but I wanted to put it up here for all of those out there who may be hobbyist or aspiring to work in video for a living. I went from weekend warrior to corporate producer... and if I can do it anyone can.

Cleaning the Restroom for Health

Also available on YouTube (A little shorter)


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Very well produced! Nicely done. What are you plans for producing your corporate video opportunities? There is A LOT of money in training/educational videos. Also, be sure to go after safety videos. Large budgets support safety programs and video is a great way to train. Good luck!