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      Hey guys,
      i hope i’m posting in the right section of the forum.
      so, i made a commercial shooted in DVCPRO 720p, and i made all the work in a timeline with the same settings (DVCPRO HD 50, progressive etc.).
      Now, since i need to make a master that’s a 4:3 DV-Pal, i export my timeline and put it directly into a DV-pal one, so that it will directly match the frame size to a 4:3 letterbox. obviously there’s a loss of quality since it’s a DV timeline, but i can’t really understand why the footage suddenly appears to be interlaced, even if the setting of the DV timeline is progressive. i mean, watching it in a TV monitor it has the smoothness of a progressive footage, but some strange lines (really similar to the ones of a bad interlaced) appears in the footage.
      any idea and/or suggestion? what am i missing? thanks in advance!

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      I would try using a compression program. If you’re using FCP, then use Compressor.

      Bring your HD video into the compression program and export it as DVCPro50 PAL (as opposed to regular ol’ DV PAL). DVCPro50 is twice the data rate of regular DV – DVCPro50 is 50Mbps and DV is only 25Mbps, so DVCPro50 will give better results.

      Also, try setting up the export to be anamorphic instead of 4:3 letterbox.

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      i thought to use that… now i’ll give to it a try. thanks

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