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Freelancer wanted to shoot July 4th Rock Concert in Mission Viejo, CA

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    I’m looking for a freelancer or two to help shoot a rock concert in Ladera Ranch for a 4th of July festival.

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    You may want to give more details, as to your expectations. For instance, what type of footage do you want (onstage, backstage, B-roll, etc.)? What type of sound recording do you need (lav microphone, boom mic, etc.)? What will you use the video for? Finally, what compensation are you offering?

    I’m too far away to be available. Hopefully, by anwering these questions, you’ll get a few nibbles…

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    Thanks Ed,

    What I want ideally, is a three camera shoot just for the the two hour concert (6pm to 8pm) right before the big firework show. One camera fixed by the FOH console with a direct audio feed from the console. One camera on stage getting close ups and the third camera roaming around the event getting crowd shots and stage shots. There will be 15,000 attendeees. I plan to use the footage to update our band promo video.

    My current plan is to rent three cameras (Panny AC160s) and have friends operate them since the company I had planned to hire fell through. I’d prefer to have experienced operators. I’m looking for interested parties and hope they can provide me with a quote.



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    Eric, Hopefully, you’ve gotten some interest. If not, you may want to plan on minimal support. You could always set up one (unmanned)camera for a tight shot of the band. I presume you’d want this one connected to your sound. If you’re not going to be actively participating with the peformance, you could get shots yourself onstage. You could also possibly set up a camera, onstage facing out to the audience. Thinking a little outside the box, you could even get a GoPro and mountit on your head, just to get shots that give a more “intimate” feel.

    I can’t comment on the Panasonic 160s, other to give you the following link:

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    What’s the pay?

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