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      So Im still in high school my senior year and Im interested in becoming a freelance videographer. Bu the question im asking is this a good video field to go into. I have a passion for shooting i love being behind the camera and im the only advanced video student in my whole school. I have heard lots of thing about this field like its not profitable and that its not a stable job. But I figured I would ask the pros. Im thinking about going to a community college and get my associates video degree and maybe to go to a four year university after that and get my bachelors. But is this a field I should be perusing or are there to many people doing this same job that I love doing.

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      what? are you kidding me? the people telling you that it isn’t profitable are the people who aren’t good enough to make it in the industry.

      If you are ambitious and not too big headed for criticism, then do it.

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      If you market, you will make it. If you develop your talents and know your equipment, you can successfully market yourself both as a gunner, and as an independent producer, provided you also have the necessary hardware to edit and deliver.

      So far as education goes, you need to have an understanding of business operations, as well as production, and the knowledge of audio/visual acquisition. There are a LOT of gunners “out there” who do nothing but hire themselves and their cameras, though usually these individuals have invested in top end camera equipment and perhaps even a Steadicam system.

      Whatever element you decide to specialize in, or if you elect to pursue a business career as an independent video services provider, offering everything for event video production from acquisition to editing, to production, packaging and delivery, the business can certainly be profitable.

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      So my best step is to start asking everything I can find out right? Right now Im trying to get an internship at my cities TV station but I will go to college in the fall and start my video career. And of course I wont stop reading Videomaker Magazine.

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