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      I’m looking to start up a new media production business and am looking for freelance professionals to help with all levels of production. To be a bit more specific, I’m looking to:

      1) Find camera(wo)men, audio engineers, editors

      2) Get rates and look at portfolios

      Basically, I want a rolodex of professionals I can call on, if I need to scale, or for project redundancy. That said, are there any professional registries anyone would recommend looking at? If not, any other suggestions?



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      Are you looking for people in your area? If so, what is your area?

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      I used to advertise in Craig’s List, and have found some nice projects there.

      However, I also found my client from hell there and have pretty much stopped advertising on that outlet.

      If you post there looking for video professionals, expect to be flooded with responses from both true pro’s as well as novices with delusions of adequacy and everything in between.

      Also remember, for the most part you get what you pay for…

      Maybe try looking at LinkedIn, WEVA or Markee?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Your local production gued is always yor best bet, after utilizing relationships you have built over the many years you were in the industry before starting your onw business. After that comes sites like creativecow and mandy. Kindof what they’re for.

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      I am in southern California. I have (3) sony HD Cameras. 1 ax2000 and 2 hxrnx5u I video record musicians throughout southern California. But I also do special events like weddings, birthdays and private parties. I am always looking to keep busy.


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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      tom, that dude was obviously just trollin’. Nobody starts a business without resources to get the job done. He was just posting his site without mods rushing to hit the delete button.

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