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      I just came across this link to a site which is giving access to some AWESOME free videos on making money with video:<wbr></wbr>app/?af=1134355

      Anyone heard of this guy making these videos? He must be famous or something because I saw over 1,000 blog responses to just one of the three videos he put up here.

      Also, anyone know of any other resources like this? I’m looking to learn all I can!

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      Grinner Hester

      Learn with practice and by soaking in actual knowledge for forums and such. Hitting scam sites like that one won’t help ya.

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      Thanks Grinner.

      I am actually going through a lot of stuff on this forum right now and it’s really helpful.

      I don’t normally pay attention to sites like the one I posted, but that one surprised me with very good free video content I learned a few good things from, definitely not a scam site once you watch the videos.

      I’d also like to take some classes at a college or something, not sure where best to look for this though.

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      You joined just three hours ago and your very first post is to this “questionable” site – makes some of us wonder if you’re not connected in some way. 🙂

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      Source code shows originated from Mostly the site seems a way for the person running it to accumulate e-mail addresses and after a person does that I bet he/she is gonna get slammed and spammed big time – though they “say” they will NEVER sell, rent, give or divulge your information to anyone. So, what’s in it for them?

      Seems after something with the javascript and google analytics elements…

      Not something I’d want to become involved with. Suggest following Grinner’s advice.

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      First of…. Sammarco… it’s no bueno posting affiliate links on blogs without giving any original content. You’ve already screwed yourself by earning a bad reputation.

      Altho, I will say…. that link is to “the video boss”, which is a legit info-product (costs 2,000 tho)… it’s made for internet marketers who don’t know anything about video…. I wouldn’t recommend it to any videographers, but Andy Jenkins, the guy who made it, is a great internet marketer, and he won’t spam you for entering your email…. he’ll just give you 3 free videos, and then ask you to buy his product.

      But don’t use Sammarco’s link…. he’s just trying to spam forums to make some affiliate commissions. In this case, just shoot the messenger.

      I hope this will shed some insight and clear up any mis-understandings

      PS: I know about the product because I’m a videographer and internet marketer…. I didn’t buy the product because I already know how to make videos

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      Wait, Grinner has a bad rep? I always thought he seemed like kind of a straight-shooter with a solid reel… He’s always posted helpful responses to questions I’ve asked.

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      OOPS! lol

      I meant sammarko

      My appologies to Grinner, I’m sure you’re a great guy, and a “straight-shooter” indeed. Let me buy you a drink and make it up to you =P

      I’ve already edited my post to fix the mistake.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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