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      I found a great site for completely free, uncompressed stock footage clips:

      There are clips of most major US cities and some other cool stuff as well.

      – Joel

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      Joel, I am so surprised that you’ve “just” found this website since it’s yours.
      The free video files rarely exceed 10 seconds in length (and are completely irrelevant, so that you have to buy the entire video to get a good, representative shot of smth), plus, if one makes the mistake to give his real email address (like I did), will get at least 2 annoying emails requesting feedback.
      Here’s my feedback. I don’t like it, it’s not for me.

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      I know a real free one, that is nice. ONLY recommended for web work though, the screen quality stuff you have to pay for, they just offer the 320×240 stuff for free.

      I really like their site, it is clean and nice.

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