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      The moment you have an idea for a new video project, you’ll want to know what budget you’re going to need and how you’re going to get the ball rolling.

      I’ve just put up a little online production planner – a little web ap designed to allow you to do just that in about 5 minutes – wherever you are.

      Just add your title and deadline and you can start roughing out costs for elements of the production.

      The clever bit is that the ap will create a todo list for each item you add to the production – so if you say you need a camera crew, it’ll work out when’s the ideal date to start filming, when you need to book the crew, and when you can pick up the tapes….

      It’s free to use (mainly because I want people to check out my animation showreel and bring me in when they need graphics, FX or animation in a project).

      take a lookhere:…on_planner.htm

      and if you like what you see, sign up to my newsletter (there’s a link on the page) – I tend to give away free stock footage and that kind of stuff to subscribers.


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