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      Consistently promoting through your existing customer/client base is the ultimate way to generate continuous video renewables and referrals.

      Since resuming a former habit of giving away up to 15 copies of event video clients productions for use as favors at parties, gifts to the bridal party, or for family and friends, my level of inquiries has more than doubled.

      This is an affordable, cost effective and sure-fired way of getting GREAT response from those closest to your event video clients/customers. The return far outweighs the costs. There’s MORE to be made from new/renewable business than selling copies for $15 to $30 each – and MORE people get their hands on your product and contact information.

      Many of us know that, and from time-to-time have done this with some degree of enthusiasm (or not) but done consistently, it works.

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      This has worked for me in the past as well. Thanks for the great reminder!

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