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      Hello All.

      I need real help.
      I’ve been looking around online for a video creating program where I can make a movie slide of some pictures that I have with music embedded into it. I would also like to add some text on the movie. I am getting married and would like to show off a movie slide during the reception.

      It would be great if the software can be configured so I can time each photos with the music and also some scrolling text.

      If you recommend such program, please let me know. I’d appreciate the feedback.

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      For the price (under $100) you just can’t go wrong with Vegas Movie Studio. You get almost the full power of their flagship product for a fraction of the cost. To me (I started with the predecessor) , the learning curve is very short to get a very good looking end result and allows for a long term learning process to get even better (read lots of features if you want them).

      You can download a free thirty day trial of any Sony software here:

      Since you are doing this for your wedding, I would also suggest looking at some video assets at Digital Juice – They have wedding stuff that is quite nice for really good prices if you do their deals.

      Check out their wedding stuff at:

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      If I understand your post – you have pictures that you want to make into a movie and add music and titles. If yes, read the following:

      Go to and download their program, Photo-to-Movie, which allows you to insert photos, then add music and titles. It also allows you to move around the photo in what is referred to as "the Ken Burns effect." This allows you to pan in or out, left to right, move in any direction and as many times as you want in the same picture, etc.

      You can download the full program as a demo (which puts a watermark on any exported project). You can see if you like the program and if its worth $50. The program is available for Windows and Mac. If you like it, then you pay $50 and they give you a "key" to discontinue the watermark.

      Photo-to-Movie is a great little program. I’ve made entire movies using just this program. I also use it for title and credit shots, and for DVD menus.

      Try it and let us know if that is what you’re looking for.

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      Try Microsoft’s PhotoStory: totally FREE. No trials, no limitations

      Here is a tutorial

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