Free AVI to WMV converter that supports 16:9?

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      Is there any such freeware that is capable of converting DV-AVI to WMV video that retains that 16:9 aspect ratio with no compromises such as quality degradation, watermarks, or length limits?

      Ifsuch a thingexists, could please someone get me in the right direction?

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      is there a reason you can’t just bring your clip into an editing program and just export it as wmv?

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      XTR Wondershare isn’t free but you might still want to check it out. Pretty awesome and effective program, their Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

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      “is there a reason you can’t just bring your clip into an editing program and just export it as wmv?”

      I can’t come up with any other conclusion as to why the WMV output in Vegas blanks out after a few minutes and stops rendering audio, other than my 1.66GHz core2duo’s not built to handle it. All seems to go well when it renders in Vegas Pro 9 and then during playback the video blanks, and later I lose sound. Shows the amount of noise created by compression (for the remainder ofthe video)but there is no does the same thing with audio after awhile. No warning – just a supposedly “successful” rendering and bad (or blank) video file.

      Maybe in Vegas Pro, everything’s supposed to bemore professional,so it doesn’t give you a warning when parts of the rendering fail – this only happens with WMV. Tried H.264, but QuickTime doesn’t shrink to fit into my website’s plug-in box. possibly a glitch.

      I’ll see if they fixed this with the Vegas Pro 9.0e release –

Viewing 3 reply threads
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