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      We have released a new downloadable loop pack containing loops featuring atmospheric FX, drones and electronic ambiences. You can download some free demo loops directly from the product page at our download shop. Here is the link:

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      Checked out the site. But I could not find any license to actually use the music. Since it would be illegal to use copyrighted material in a project for public exhibition, I didn’t even bother to listen. And I would recommend others to just ignore it in advance.

      Good Luck in your future endeavors.

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      Can you recommend any sites that haveFREE audio? I have used some that are listed on this site, but they don’t seem to have a whole lot of music.

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      Let’s start this with my obligatory mention of Sony products. To promote their ACID loop composition software, they give away a copy of ACID Express with a big bunch of free loops. Then to provide examples & ideas, each week they give away 8 loops and an original composition for you to play with or modify and use. I have “written” a number of original songs for use as music beds and a couple of attempts as some techno dance tunes. I really recommend this to everyone. It’s easy and you end up with original music for your video.

      Okay, in addition to the loops available all over the place, I thought I’d list a couple of sites I’ve gotten free sample songs from at one point or another. There’s,,, and I hear that the new bands on MySpace will give permission for their songs if you ask.

      So good luck & happy editing.

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      Obligatory mention of Sony products??? I am not in the know, so is this the preferred software to use?

      Thanks so much for the help! I only have a handful of boring tracks that I use so this will be fun for me!

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      u using a mac?

      garageband is phenominal for making your own music

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      Sorry, but I respond to many forum postings and seem to work a Sony product into a lot of my responses. I’m a true fanatic. From camcorders, mics, computers, software (NLE and DVD authoring) to media, I own Sony products. But it is just a personal preference. I’ve always had very positive experiences with the hardware, especially in taking the bumps of frequent productions. As for the software, it all works together very well. I especially like being able to mark & label chapters for the DVD while I’m editing on my NLE. And it doesn’t hurt that the interfaces share many elements.

      So in my opinion, Sony is tops from field to finished product. But that is far from a universal opinion.

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      I am using a PC, but that may change. I just ordered a Cannon digital camera…we’ll see if I regret not going Sony. I hope not!

      Thanks again for the info

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