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      I’m producing a new TV series called FRAMELINES about filmmakers in our state. The show is intended for PBS, so it was toned down for a more conservative vibe with music and pace. It’s a 30 minute per episode show about filmmakers and film related stories to open the minds of our community to indie film as something legitimate and of interest to more and more people.

      Here’s the intro and title sequence I made:

      or at VIMEO at:

      We shot with the Sony Z1U downtown and then I made the title sequence in After Effects based on a highly modified template from where I made it film-frame specific, added all the video clips and wound up with over 300 individual layers animated. Then I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 to add the music and transitions and color correction. Dino Tripodis, the host, is a drive time DJ with Sunny 95FM in Columbus Ohio and an avid film producer/actor here.

      By all means, let me know what you think.

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      Great opening – Will you be webcasting as well? (Meaning would love to watch on my schedule and market).

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      This looks really interesting! I love the topic, and the quality looks exceptional just from the introduction. I work as a student engineer for the PBS affiliate at Ohio University…hopefully this will get sent down to WOUB so I can watch it at work!

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      Hi sunnyboo, I would like to echo birdcat’s comments. I live in West Virgina and due to digital broadcasting I no longer receive PBS. The web or DVDs are my only options.

      Gods Speed,

      J.E. Caudle

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      Very nice! I’ve produced about half a season of episodes for an upcoming online show and have been stymied for a decent opening. Yours is quite good and has sparked me back up to craft up a worthy intro. Your show looks like it will be interesting as well. Keep us posted as to when you’ll get it up and running.

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      We have most of the segments online after they air.

      Check out

      Also, here’s a whole episode (#7)

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