frame stuck im premiere cs4… please HELP !

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      Hello, I need your help.

      I have a video camera JVC – GZ-HD6AA.
      With software conversion (AVS CONVERSION), I converted the camera output files to AVI.
      After conversion i uploaded thefiles to PREIMERE CS4 .. but when i press the play button the movie frames are stuck, althou the sound works great.

      Does anybody know what seems to be the problem !? any advice wiil be halpfull.


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      hum… Hard drive cam, right? First, you are sure that the drive hadn’t been damaged? Second, restart Premiere. Third, pray that it works because i don’t have a good advice!

      Sorry, the shooter.

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      AVI is just a container, what codec was used? Should be DV-AVI for Premiere, not mjpeg, not DivX, but DV πŸ˜‰

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