Frame Rates & Editing- What should I do?

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      Hi there,

      So, I will be shooting a wedding this weekend. Using a Canon 60D which is AVCHD format. It shoots in 24p and 30p at full res.

      Then I have a Sony V1U video camera which also shoots 24p and 30p. I was at a workshop this weekend and they said I should be shooting everything at 24p. The part I’m confused about is the ceremony and speeches.

      Now, I do like the look of 24p for bride and groom getting ready, the cake cutting and dance etc. However, my question is what frame rate should I use for the ceremony and speeches? I will be using the Sony as the main camera and a wireless G3 kit. Also, can I mix the two frame rates on the same timeline in final cut express or adobe?

      Any help and advice would be great. Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

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      The 60Duses an h.264 format in a .mov container. While AVCHD is also an h.264 format, the two aren’t actually the same. This probably isn’t a great matter since your software should conform the video for you anyway.

      If your end product is being put on DVD, I would select HDV as your basic project setting. Itshould bump down the fullHD better than it would bump up the HDV. Then drop both down to DVD quality. No sense in transcoding your HDV up and then down. Uck!

      If you’re going Blu-ray, reverse it – that way you only bump up the HDV once and the 60D stays unchanged, resolutionaly speaking.

      I was checking specs on the V1U and it seems to shoot 24p within a 60i HDV format. But it doesn’t seem to shoot 1080p, just 1080i.

      Given my understanding, I would suggest you shoot the whole thing in 24p in both cameras using a 1/48 or 1/50 shutter speed. (I’m not sure if the 60D does 1/48.)

      The 24p at 1080 should look better than 60i at 1080. I’ve heard1080i descriped as 540p. πŸ™‚

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      Hi there,

      Ya, I was thinking I should shoot it all 24p as well. However, I thought maybe ceremony should be 30p.

      I was little worried about the different formats and frame rates on one single timeline. That was the biggest. I would hate to shoot it all then it not work πŸ™ That would really suck.

      I have yet to use the Sony for a full shoot. This weekend will be my first time, so just trying to cover all my basis before heading out.

      The 60D is pretty good for shooting so far anyways. I really enjoy it and picture is great as well. The trick after shooting will be matching the colour. I’m sure I will have to tweak it a bit. Hopefully this wont take long as time is money lol.

      Thanks for your advice πŸ™‚

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      Hi Jen,

      Everyone will have their own opinions about which frame rate to shoot at. Keep in mind that 24p will look very jerky with pans and fast motion – if you shoot keeping this in mind, it may turn out just fine, otherwise shoot at 30p and get a filmic look without the jerky motion. Also, if you intend to add slow-motion to parts of the video, you will of course get smoother results with 30p than 24p (more frames to work with).

      I would NOT switch frames rates mid-shoot, that is looking for headaches in editing. Make a decision and stick with it.

      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers

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