Frame Drop with AE 1.5

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I have a HDC-TM15 which works fine for what we do. Lately after my computer was infected with virus, I re-installed HD Writer AE 1.5 which comes with the camera (yes, after cleaning up the computer, AE was re-installed). Now, when I tried to download from the HDD to PC it gave me a dialog box said frame drops... I even tried to used the software and playback the previously downloaded file but it plays back like a frame by frame (skips frames for sure since the video is no longer continuous)

Anybody can help? I use Vista (home version 32), with 2GB RAM and 2GHz AMD processor. I do run no other software while trying to do that. In addition, I even paused my virus protection software but no remedy for the problem.

References, instruction, suggestion anyone? will be greatly appreciated.