frame by frame editing?

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      does anyone know if you can edit frame by frame in pinnacle studio 11? If so can you exlpain how?

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      Not sure what you want or going with this.

      Drop your video into the video time line

      Place the cursor onto the time scale line (the one above the video line that has all the numbers on it) the cursor will turn into a clock with a left and right arrow on it.

      HOLD down the left mouse and drag the cursor to the right of the screen. As you drag it, the time scale will change. Repeat the process until the time scale does not expand. The time scale line will display 00:00:00:00 which is hours:minutes:seconds:frames. the next numerical display is 00:00:00:04 ( oh by the way I am in Australia and we use the Pal system – 25 frames per second – your display may differ)between the first set of numbers and the next displayed are black vertical lines, each vertical line represents “a frame”.

      If you place the scrubber on a frame line and use the cut tool, then go to the next frame with the scrubber and use the cut tool you have just marked a frame. highlight the frame by clicking on it, press “delete” and the frame is deleted.

      You have just performed a frame edit.

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      If you are referring to frame-by-frame compositing (i.e. the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images) or keyframing: Pinnacle is not capable of that. If this is not what you meant, then Videoman hit the nail on the head.


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      Hey film814 do you use Studio xx?

      I am pretty new to this stuff and don’t realy understand by what you mean by “frame-by-frame compositing (i.e. the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images) or keyframing:”

      I can combine visual footage or photo graphs from seperate sources by using the video line and the picture and picture line and adjusting the transparencies to get the effect I want. Depending on the “plug in” that I use, I can also “keyframe” the effect from with in the plug in.

      E.G. I can keyframe “witness protection blur” to follow a subject around the footage.

      Is this what you were refering to “Pinnacle is not capable of that”. Or am I off the beaten track??

      Would love to find out


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      Hey 1000 words, Pinnacle is capable of keyframing video effects, audio effects, etc. What are you trying to do with “frame-by-frame” editing? Keyframing just means you’re applying multiple effect paramaters to a single clip.

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