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      Ok. If I’m filming with a camera that shoots up to 1000 frames per second, (actually to be specific, the Casio EX-FC100) and I’m filming, say, 60 fps, can I still get a normal speed playback? I want to have one part of the clip regular speed, and the other slowed down. Is this possible?

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      You’ll have to edit the footage in your NLE, but yes, it’s possible.

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      If I edit the part I want t normal speed, will it have a wierd sounding playback? Or will it sound normal?

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      Audio track on the video would change as well. Example:

      You shot 30 sec. at say 120 fps. In your edtior you slow that to 60 fps. You now have increased 30 sec of audio to a minute in length.

      There are some audio editors out there that can allow you tomodify the pitch to make that part sound close to normal but in this example any talking would be slow on playback.

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