Forum Software Updates

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Earlier today some changes were made to the forum software. Our forum software (bbPress) was integrated with BuddyPress.

In the future this will add a much more social aspect to the Videomaker website. For now we've tried to make the change as unnoticeable as possible.

Here are a few of the recent changes.

    • Gravatar support.
    • Better Private Messaging (includes email notification)
    • Profiles and avatars moved from bbPress to BuddyPress. If your avatar looks a little different, try uploading it again (or use Gravatar.)
    • In the next week or so... the ability
      to log into the site using Facebook.

      Please respond in this thread if you see any bugs.



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      Does this also cover the lack of Bold titles on those "unread/updated/new topics since you last logged in" that I have noticed today? That was a very useful tool for me. Now I have totry to remember"when was the last time I was on" and read around that time to current..

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      Fixed bold titles of unread topics.

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      I think a forum software like vbulletin would be more suitable. I use it on numerous forums and love it. So many features.

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      Key Master, Thanks for the fix, bcuz I kept getting error messages when I would click on "send" that stated I had to "actually submit content" (direct quote)- LOL! Started wondering if April Fool's day had come around again...