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      I’ve been enjoying the occasional visit to this site since the beginning and enjoy reading through the forums. I’ve learned a lot by reading through the forums, too.

      I certainly don’t want to sound disrespectful, but it seems the forum activity has dropped significantly. I also believe that this is due to visitors not being able to easily find the forums. There is (in my opinion) too much going on at the top of the website and amongst all the clutter the link to the forum can easily be missed.

      I would like to see a total forum makeover. I also think there should be a nice big button that reads (Forums). Yes, I’d like to see a total makeover, but I’ll still love you guys if I don’t get it! LOL

      Anyone else think so?

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      Thank you, sir! Can’t wait!

      Again, I enjoy the site and wasn’t trying to be rude in any way. I know a lot of work goes into this website and we all do appreciate your time and effort.

      Thanks and please take care!

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      It would actually be nice if the forum classifications were on the bottom and “Latest Discussions” were at the top. Though most of us go to the categories in which we’re most interested, most of us also probably zip down just to see what’s hot, or not.

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      After looking at sooo many VBulletin basedforums, I like the look and feel of this one. It stands out from the rest and makes for a comfortable read.

      I use eithermy Favorites link orclick the Video Forums Link (the box that shows a list of the latest topics activity) you can find in the right column of almosteverypageon the siteto get to the forum.

      Like Earl, I would not mind having the latest discussions at the top of the page with maybe a shortcut to the titled classifications at theheaderthat would drop you right to them if you want to get there quickly.

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      I’ll put my vote in for having the latest discussions at the top. Also I think it has been stated before but it would be nice to have link at the bottom of the latest post to go to more of the latest posts. I like others sometimes get busy and can’t get back on for a few days and I miss some recent topics that fall off of the list.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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