Format to sell HD footage with fx1000

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      Hi all

      I have an fx1000 and i would like to upload video footage to sell,
      im flying to southamerica next year 4-5 months recording everything i
      can, from people, landscapes, towns in the sierra and forest, etc..

      I would like to sell some of the footage i would be recording on
      some of the sites like Pond5 or another if you guys can suggest me some
      of them.

      I have premiere cs4 and vegas also but i just bought this camera and
      please i really like to get some help from you guys on how i can get
      good quality videos to sell and the format i should export the videos.

      Thanks in advance and sorry for my grammar ( english not being my 1st language )

      Take care !

      Rolando A.

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      H.264 (AVC) format is probably the best route for your situation. If you’re trapped with a bunch of buyers that still don’t support the format, WMV (a semi-web format) or DV-AVI (better if it’s compressed inside a ZIP file) would be a better way to go.

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      Most stock footage sites list the formats that they’ll accept.

      The most common are H.264 and Photo Jpeg, and sometimes Mp4.

      H.264 and Mp4 are typically deliverable files and not meant to be edited, but the stock footage companies like the small size for fast download.

      The better format will be Photo Jpeg….better quality and better for editing.

      You will only want to use DV-AVI for standard definition.

      Best Regards,


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      <p class=”post”>

      Hi !

      1st of all i would like to thank you for answering me !, and ask if
      u cna help me a bit more, whats a good setting for the jpeg format you
      mention ? i have windows 7, premiere cs4 and what format should i use ? quicktime
      and video codec motion jpeg a or b ? sorry for bothering you with these
      questions πŸ˜€

      Thanks in advance

      ps: im recording in hd with my fx1000 and in premiere i see the resolution as : 1440 x 1080 , its that ok for selling footage ? how do i change that resolution to full HD with photo jpeg


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      “what format should i use? quicktime and video codec motion jpeg a or b ?”

      In the export movie settings box choose quicktime as the file type.

      In the video settings choose photo-jpeg as the compressor.

      You can change the resolution to whatever you wantbut just keep it at 1440×1080 with it’s original pixel aspect ratio of 1.333.

      The stock footage site will convert the file to whatever size it needs….only change the resolution if the stock footage site specifically asks for a particular resolution.

      If you have to convert the footage to something like 1280×720, use a square pixel aspect ratio of1.000.

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      Thanks again coreece !

      Take care

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