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      I’m shooting a video in a few days and I would like to know if I should use the Digital Cinema mode (24p) or just shoot stardard 29.97 fps? I use a Panasonic HS250 and the video is going to be used mainly on the internet but may end up on TV.

      Thanks for your help.

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      By itself 24p will not give you a true movie look if that’s what you’re looking to do – There is much more that goes into that.

      Personally, I would go with 29.97 and render at the slower rate if you find the need to go 24fps, but that’s me.

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      Do you have ressources (tutorials, guides) about getting the movie look you’re talking about?

      Also, thanks for your answer.

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      Try this Videomaker article for starters:

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      Pseudo’s reference to that article is a great start.

      Remember that film has qualities that video does not (grain, continuous tone, defects, color variations, etc…) and folks who have been doing film based production usually are not new at it.

      A quick nd easy way to get a film look is using 24p in conjunction with good lighting and using some of the color correction tools your NLE has (Magic Bullet Movie Looks excels at this but realllllllly slows down the render – I had a 10 minute segment take over 24 hours once but some of their presets are amazing – like Bleach Bypass, looks like the real thing).

      Start with this and experiment until you get the look you’re going for – best way to learn!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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