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      Hello all

      I am looking for information for video processing. My problem or whims are only to be able to post vids of my RC stuff on YOu Tube.

      I have several software packages but .wmf files are poor quality, Windows movie maker is a piece of cake for me to use and mix audio but quality sucks.

      Apple quick time is good but files are too big.

      THey need to be under 100 megs to post.

      This may be the wrong place because it seems most all of you folks are way above the You Tube level but I would love to know what most of you use for software?
      I want to cut frames, trim as needed, add audio and not have to make the vid match the size of audio. I want to be able to trim both and just post it. We post some now but its a real pain to get them small enough.
      We have not found the so called "perfect" editing software for the so called (me) You tube Dummies.

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      got your own server?
      read up on quicktime hinted movies.
      try the ipod formatted files

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      I will check it out. Hopefully they have a try before you buy version.

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