For the best quality out put, CBR 1440 or FHD?

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      I am using JVC GZ-HD6 and PremierePro CS4. All I have to do is tochange the file extension I recorded to .M2TS. But now I am wandering thatdubbing via firewire from CBR1440 mode recorded playlistcanout putbetter quality than FHD or not. Thanks for your sharing knowledge.

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      FHD is the same thing as 1920×1080, at least as it stands this day in age. CBR1440 is 1440×1080.

      Changing the extension will not change the contents of the video file. If the file name starts out as .MTS, then it’s probably AVCHD. Changing the end of the filename to .m2ts will certainly not change the contents.

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      Thanks a lot XTR

      First I thought using firewire will bring better quality. Now I clear.

      So I willkeepshooting asFHD and editting by changing extension. Thanks foryour reply.

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