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      The California International Airshow in Salinas, California is one of the best shows in the country. 2005 marked the show’s 25th anniversary with a great line-up of performers. The awesome footage is put to music with the sounds of the performer’s aircraft punctuating every moment. This video was edited as a "video postcard" and sent to the airshow organizers and performers.

      The performers in order of appearance:

      CF-18 Hornet(Canada), Rich’s Incredible Pyro, Jim LeRoy/the Bulldog, Showcopters, Super Shockwave jet truck, Robosaurus, F-15C Eagle, Heritage Flight, Greg Poe/Zivko Edge 540, Dan Buchanan’s "Flying Colors", *Eric Beard/Yak-54 "Russian Thunder", F-18F Super Hornet, Tribute to the Masters, and the Thunderbirds.
      *In Memory of Eric Beard

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