For Sale: Panasonic LQ-VD3000 DVD Emulator

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      For Sale: Panasonic LQ-VD3000 DVD Emulator

      It is still the industry standard for professional DVD emulation during production or 3rd party QC. This unit is working 100% perfect with dongle and all software/hardware. Fully tested for stability and reliability. Comes as a complete workstation. For serious buyers, it can be tested here in Los Angeles. We are asking $20k for the complete turn-key system (we only have one, first buyer gets it).

      There is nothing else on the market even close. It will pay for itself quickly with the vast QC time saved, compatibility time saved, replication run-change time and cost saved, as well as ensuring each DVD is shipped perfect with confidence. Instant display of all User Ops, button links, etc. Instead of guessing what User Ops are open and manually testing every one, they are instantly DISPLAYED for every menu page, card, logo, trailer, black plugs, etc. saving lots of valuable time and eliminating guesswork.

      High quality video playback for linear QCs, subtitle QCs, Closed Caption QCs. Quick navigation QC, quick keys on keyboard much faster than a DVD remote, crash testing, etc.

      Digital audio supported (multi-channel DTS, Dolby Digital, PCM etc) allowing instant QC of audio and format and channel checking. With the installed DVD drive, check discs can also be quickly checked (all User Ops, etc).

      If interested, please email:
      avproserv (at

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