for fun: Giant Scale R/C Air Racing: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

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      Here’s a fun edit I just finished. I had 18 hours of this footage and loaded about 100 clips. From there, hacked out the best and “funniest”.

      From full out air racing to mid-air and landing mishaps, this video presents a look at Giant Scale Radio Control Air Racing. These planes are BIG and can weigh up to thirty pounds and have a wing span over eight feet. The cost to built these monsters can range from five to fifteen thousand dollars! Just like their full scale counterparts, these teams and pilots are dedicated to winning. The action in the air is very tense with speeds approaching 150 mph and just a few feet from the ground. The G forces on the scale planes are so high that structural failures occur. A 30pound plane can weigh near a 1,000 pounds in the turn! These are experienced pilots, but things do go wrong. From take off to landing, these planes require the utmost in skill to win.


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      An entertaining video! 18 hours of raw footage? So, how large a hard drive were you using? Did you have to upload a few tapes onto the hard drive, then delete the bad takes, then upload a few more tapes, then delete the bad takes, …. and so on?

      Ken Hull

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      I had logged the tapes and burned DVD copies with time code burned into the picture. I then did a rough screening using Power DVD. From there, I loaded the tapes and went to the time codes of interest. I used an Applied Magic Epic(400gig) to edit. From the editor, I load to the PC and convert/compress/upload. This project was part of a larger job for a new TV show. My PC- “Hyper” (“Hyper” during burn in: more than capable of editing, but like the speed of the Epic. It’s also wavelet technology, so the quality is really good.

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