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      We’re just finishing the post-production on our first feature film "Footsteps" – an independently financed feature shot on DV last August – November.

      Our first screening is due in June as part of the Swansea Film Festival, so we’ve begun updating our official site with a trailer, some video clips and production stills to get a little more exposure for our small film.

      For those interested you can find more information on the film at the following url however please be warned that the film does contain some violent images that may offend some viewers (rated 18/R):

      Footsteps – Official Site

      We’d really appreciate any comments you may have.

      Gareth Evans

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      Hey Gareth,

      You’ve got a great site and movie. DV keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!


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      Just a brief update:

      Footsteps has been nominated for "Best Welsh Independent Film" and "Most Promising Filmmaker" at the Swansea Bay Film Festival.

      In addition I was recently interviewed by Steve Pierce, creator of Filmshed (an online film community that runs a monthly short film event in Wales), i’ve added a link below to the interview that contains info on the process of making Footsteps from pre-production to post.

      The Filmshed Interview


      Oh and Chicoab3 – thanks for the compliments. Hope you enjoy the finished film!

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      Just another update:

      Last thursday (june 8th) we had our premiere screening at the Swansea Film Festival, good turn out – we had 2 walk outs due to the violence but for the most part people seemed to really enjoy it, had a big applause after the film ended and during the flick people were laughing and squirming in all the right places.

      Then came the awards ceremony – I’m very glad to say that Footsteps wound up picking up the top prize of BEST FILM.

      I have only vague recollections of what I said in my speech but I’ve been told it will appear online soon as they had a number of tv cameras there to capture the speeches and the event.

      So yeah – first festival and we’ve won Best Film – im absolutely overcome by the response the flick is getting. Next step, hopefully, will be securing a distribution deal.

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      Hey, keep up the good work!

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