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      If anyone waswondering…

      We have settled our quandry, and we are not going into the videograph business. We found a video/photo company that is going to take the video, along with the group photos and live action shots. They are going to pay us 20% of proceeds of any videos or picts sold on the day of the event, in exchange for the video/photo rightsand they are not going to charge us anything.

      I also spoke with an organizer of another band competition about the same size as ours, he told me that they fell just shy of selling 500 videos and sold a little over a thousand picts. So at a price of $15 per video and $5 per pict, gross sales should exceed $10k and our cut should be around $2k. Thats a nice chunk of easy money for our 501C non-profit booster club when in the past we have been GIVING AWAY video/photo rights – and some darn good money for them. They may can net well over $5k (after our cut, labor,andmaterials)in just one day.

      I appreciate everyones advice and help with this issue, and hope that you are all wildly sucessful in your businesses.

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      GREAT utilization of sound business practices, working the competition and sustaining a valuable organization that supports youth, their events and activities.

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