Follow focus for Canon Vixia HF S21 ?

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      Would a follow focus, like the Zacuto, fit on Canon’s new camcorder: HF S21?

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      That camera doesn’t appear to have a focus ring, so no. And even if it did have a focus ring, a follow focus wouldn’t really be practical with that camera.

      Now, if you buy a 35mm adapter and use 35mm lenses, then the follow focus would be something to consider.

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      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for responding. Actually, this new Canon does have a rotating button that can be assigned the task of focusing. If the right connection with metallic gears were made, I believe that this camera could have follow focus capabilities.

      Please examine the button on the camera front.

      You may also read the description of this button in the camera manual, on page 89. The address for the manual is as follows:

      Click to access Canon_VIXIA_HFS20_HFS21_HFS200_Instruction_Manual.pdf

      Custom button for focusing

      Thank you

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      My HMC 40 has a similar option. Unlike and SLR lens where the focusring is mechanically linked to the focus lens(es),it does not appear to be a direct mechanical connection to either focus or zoom. Itfunctionslike an electronicreference source. Because I can continue to turn the ring after the focus or zoom reaches its limit, I cannot rely on its mechanicalposition settings to stay well enough to be used as a follow focus or a follow zoom. Should you at any time change its function, go fromfocus to zoom,you will have to reset thereference position when youswitch it back to the focus function. this would be for anything relying on physical positioning of the ring.

      Now I have had some success with using the digital display for focus and zoom positions on my viewfinder and adjust to those with the ring.

      If you are justlooking to bring out the focus ability away from the small knob to something easier to grab and turn, keep in mind about gearing. Like alittlemotion on big knobtranslates to large motion onlittle knob.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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