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      Hello everyone,

      I’m not new to using camcorders but I am new to using filters. I bought a new Panasonic HDC-TM700 and was headed to the Galapagos. This new camera allows attaching filters so I thought I’d give it a try. I purchased a Polaroid 46mm UV filter. Now the camera was new to me also and I tend to do 98% of my recording with auto focus. I’ve noticed that the auto focus tends to have some difficulty at times keeping a subject in focus if there’s lots of other things close by. (Animals main subject to be in focus but there are bushes or trees behind it.)

      I also bought a Polaroid 46mm polarizing filter for recording animals just below the surface of the water. Now here’s my problem with this filter. You can turn the filter so it is using the polarized portion or turn it so it’s not. Now when I would turn the filter so it wasn’t polarizing and I would try and video something by zooming way in, everything would stay in focus until I reached the maximum zoom. Then everything would be out of focus. If the filter was not attached I didn’t have this problem.

      Is the camera having a hard time focusing through these filters? Is it a filter quality problem?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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      Hi Linda: What you have is a linear polarizer which I use at times – I love it because I can dial in the amount of effect. your camera focuses internally and from what I have been told, these types of polarizers screw up the auto focus. To solve that problem, you need a circular polarizer. So I’ve been told.

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      the camera is out of the water and the animals you are filming are in the water, correct? (in other words, the camera’s not underwater, right?)

      second question, are you SURE it’s only with the filter? inother words, did you try the exact same shot WITH and WITHOUT to see if it worked?

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      Linda, from my limited experience with filters on the partcular videocam that I use when Iscrew a filter on it depresses a small swiitch on thebuilt-in lens that won’t allow the flash to work in photo mode. Maybe the camera is switching to macro when filter is attached and zoom goes to infinity? Just a guess, having a look-see in the instructions may shed some light on the situation. Keep shooting.

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      Thanks for the responses. For david-forrester, my polarizer filter is a circular so there goes that idea. For pseudosafari, yes, the camera is out of water and animals in water. I used the camera prior to getting the filters and all zoomed in shots were in focus. All video where I didn’t use the filter on my Galapagos trip was all in focus. And, vid-e-o-man, there is no switch to depress on my particular camera.

      Thanks for trying, though.


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