Focus FS-5 – to repair or not to repair?

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      I’ve got a very lightly used Focus FS-5 DTE recorder that has recently gone bad on me. Focus wants a flat $395 + shipping both ways to repair it. This probably wouldn’t be an issue, except that this is the second time the unit has needed repair. At that time it was ONLY $195.

      So now I’m faced with the question of whether to repair the thing and take a chance that it’ll give me better service or just scrub it and get something more reliable. Are these things just prone to failure or did I get a lemon?

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      Hi everyone

      I’m from Portugal and recently I bought on ebay a Focus FS-5 model, unfortunately, I didn’t know about that the support page has no existence anymore to the firmware update.
      I’ve also contacted They’re the “Focus Enhancements Company” successors, but, their response was:

      “Unfortunately the FS-5 is no longer manufactured, sold, or supported. It was discontinued many, many years ago and VITEC no longer has access to the old Focus Enhancements files as that server no longer exists”.

      Does anyone knows how to upgrade it, or where to do it?

      Please, your help would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you

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