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      Chris Avison

      I am looking to buy a Focus or similar DTE drive and a few questions arise – can any one help please?

      1. Camera is a PAL Sony HVR – V1P (V1U in some jurisdictions) and I understand using DTE devices still requires use of tape whilst recording?

      2. I edit on a Mac using OSX 10.4.11 and Final Cut Studio with FCP version 5. Can I edit files produced on the DTE device without having to upgrade the software? It seems Sony’s own DTE device only produces files acceptable to FCP 6 or higher?

      3. I only want DTE device to save time on capture to computer and don’t really want an expensive software upgrade – a DTE device is expensive enough!

      I would appreciate advice from anyone with experience of using these devices.



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      I just recently purchased two FOCUS FS-H200 DTE recorders. They use CF cards, and I must say they work wonders. The only problem I have with them currently is the battery eject button. The batteries don’t slip out like they are suppose to. Aside from that:

      1. The FOCUS FS-H200 does not require a tape to record. I shoot with the Canon XHA1. I heard that may not be the case for all cameras.

      2. I edit with FCP version 6. They clips from my DTE are a smooth transfer. No upgrade. Just load the CF card and transfer.

      3. I recommend the FOCUS FS-H200. It truly simplifies post productions work flow. The cost runs about $879.00 a piece, not including CF cards.

      Good Luck!

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      Chris Avison

      Sorry for the long delay in replying – I’ve been away. Thanks very much for the enthusiastic review of the FS-H200 and I will try and buy over here in Europe – BHP are great except for the horrendous charges they make for shipping abroad. I have visited their shop twice and a visit to NYC isn’t complete without going in for a browse which inevitably finishes up with a purchase!

      Thanks again.

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