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      I have a Focus FS-100 DTE (Direct To Edit) anda Sony VX2100. And before anyone gives me the spiel about, it was designed for Panasonic Cameras, I already know that and have gotten the okay from Focus customer support about compatibility.

      Now, My question:

      When my video camera is connected via Firewire to the DTE, and I hit record onthe device, it records for about 9min 12sec before the video freezes (I noticed this upon playback of 10 different clips). What I don’t get is, and what i assume it has something to do with is…

      If I leave the camera on, just sitting and not connected to anything, it will turn off after about 5 minutes.

      But when I am recording to the DTE, the camera stays on. It’s just that after 9min and 12sec (in the downloaded video clips), the moving picture and sound just freeze. So there is 5, 10, 60 minutes (or how ever long I let the the record) of still frame footage.

      There are 2 different methods of recording.
      1. The first is to just hit record on the DTE.
      2. The second is to put a tape into the camcorder and hit record as normal on the camera and the video syncs up to the DTE recorder.

      You may ask, “Why not just use method 2 if I am having problems with method 1?”

      Answer: Because I don’t want to wear out my video heads. If there is no way to make it work with method 1, I will be forced to used method2 but I’d prefer not to.

      If anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance.

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