Focal Length in camcorders vs. cameras

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      I am a REAL newbie. Looking at some camcorders to shoot some video for a DVD hiking guide (leaning towards Canon Optura xi). But I am quite confused when looking at its focal length – 4.2 – 47 mm. That focal length in a still camera would be VERY wide.

      I’m looking for something that has considerable telephoto zoom, (for wildlife) as well as wide angle, but I don’t know what these numbers mean? Can anybody provide a ballpark figure of how these numbers compare with still camera lenses?

      With appreciation,

      Jon Shannon

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      Thanks for the info. It was very helpful. It’s funny how you get used to and think you know a concept (i.e. “focal length”) and then find out that you really have no idea about what it really is.

      I had tried googling “focal length” but came up with so many hits it was like trying to find a needle in the haystack….so thanks for the tip.

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      if you are gonna be zooming, make sure to use a tripod or the shot is worthless.

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      Thanks. Yeah. That’s something that’s all to clear in still photography too. I can see it would be even more so with video.

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