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      I’m looking for a camera stabilizer for my SONY VX2100 to be used while I’m in motion walking or climbing stairs, etc. I need something that will support the camera weight and an on-camera light (Frezzi). I’m seeing an item on the internet called Flycam 5000 which is substantially less expensive than the Merlin Steadicam. Does anyone out there have experience with the Flycam 5000 or any other item that could be used?

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      I’ve got the same camera, same problem. I’m hoping someone has an answer, too! =)

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      You’re going to have the same problem with any camera. I own 2 DCR VX2100’s and have no problems that a steady arm can’t fix.

      I also have some small consumer cams and I have the same problem with them. Again, a steady arm fixes all of that.

      I built one that works fine.

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