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      I am working with some 1920×1080 Canon MkII .MOV files and want to create an .flv to insert as a fullscreen background in a .swf file.

      I have converted (transcoded?) the .mov file into .avi using MPEGStreamclip 1.2 Apple Photo- JPEG compression.

      The .avi looks fine.

      I have imported the .avi into PP CS5 and rendered a scaled (720×406) flv with various settings for bitrate (800 through to 2000)… the .flv plays smoothly in VLC player.

      When I insert the .flv into the .swf file I get horizontal tearing on almost every movement of the subject.

      Can anyone suggest some troubleshooting? I have tried every single setting in the PP render panel (Frame Blending, Quality Settings etc) and each time the .swf has the same (more or less) tearing issues.


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      That would probably be an interlacing problem, occuring either in one of your computer’s playback elements – hardware/software – or the interlacing format was not matched in “save” settings.

      Have you tried playing an other.swf/.flv file in that same player?

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      Hey XTR-91,

      Thanks for the response.

      We have viewed it on 3 PC’s from a netbook to a quad core 8gb with latest ATI gfx card.

      Other flvs (not exported from this source) look fine.

      It must be in the setting or the output codec choice?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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