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      I shoot using a Manfrotto 701 HDV fluid head. Regardless of how careful I am, every pan (slow or fast) ends with the head, on its own, twisting backwards a slight amount. It is too small to measure, perhaps less than 1/2 degree. But, when scenes are viewed on a big flat panel TV, it is clearly noticeable. I called Manfrotto tech support and they said my camera was too light. So I added 3 pounds of weight – which with the cam is about 4 1/2 pounds – and the problem persists. Tilts are also a problem but less so. Am I missing something? Perhaps I’m not holding on to the pan arm properly? Maybe the 710 HDV isn’t really appropriate for HDV? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      Try loosening up the tension a bit. Mine seems to do that (501) when I have it set too tight. ALSO – it very well could be your image stabilization and not the tripod. Make sure it is turned off when using a tripod. I know my cameras will “correct” themselves back to the center of the sensor at the end of a pan if I have the stabilization on and pan.

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