Fluid camera movements and ways to record motion in action sequences

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Hello gentlemen and ladies...

I'm currently writing an article on capturing fluid on-screen movements as seen in action sequences and i'm pouring my brain juices out. Is there any feedback for how it can be done effectively using minimum equipment?

The article i wrote can be found here: http://fadlywychowvski.blogspot.com/2011/08/recording-fluid-action-movement-in-6.html

Perhaps I can include more tips and tricks into the article to edit it further. I did some research, but some is never enough. Gurus out there! help enlighten me please


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Define fluid movement? A decent tripod can be used for panning will you may need a truck to use it to follow motion a distance. You use a crane for rising / falling shots and elevated panning shots. Etc. Etc.

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In my wedding first dance scenes I have learned to sway back and forth slowly to add movement to the background without camera shake. This is of course when Im standing still. One thing that will make me turn a movie off real quick is this new..added camera shake!! WTF..Whoever thought this would add action should be fired. ie: two cops are talking and the camera is going nuts like a newbie with a new toy. I will change the channel...Fast. Sorry...carry on..:-)





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