Flip Ultra HD with Macro Lens

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      Hi I have been trying to learn the craft of making movies (very difficult) so to get my form in shape I have been recording short little videos with a Flip Ultra HD which I like a lot. I found a macro lens hack on youtube and it inspired me to try and make a movie. Your thoughts are appreciated.



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      very nice shots, great going Sidd. Also watched some of your other Vimeo movies. You certainly did capture this burgundy snail very well with that macro mod (which I just looked up; awesome!) Nice steady shots and great use of the light too, quite a nice glisten.

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      Thank you for the kind words Bruce. These little Flip Cameras are pretty cool. They have a lot of limitations but what they do they do very well. Too bad they were discontinued. To me they seem like all they need is a good set of glasses and they ‘SEE’ rather well.

      The snails are about my speed in that they move slow enough for me to have time to film them. πŸ™‚

      Here was part 2 of my snail opus….


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