Flip page effect in Premiere Pro.

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      Last time I saw a thread about flip page in adobe. I have also come across that problem.
      Can someone help? In the previous question some advised to use Ulead 3d cool, and 3d album.
      I have now Ulead 3d cool. Can some one help me on how to tackle it in ulead?

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      In Ulead Cool 3d there is a sample annimation that is a book that opens and the pages turn. As i recall the last page has an inset with a piece of video in the page and the annimation zooms in on video. I have modified that annimation to do openings for various special occasion videos I have done. I would suggest taking a look at that and see if that is what you are looking for.

      I replaced the video with a picture appropriate for the project. I also changed the title on the book page for my project.

      Working with the 3d annimaitions is not a simple task and takes a lot of trial and error.

      If this looks like something that will work for you please post back and I will try and advise you if I can. It has been a year since I last worked with it.

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      We have been working on, and perfecting, the page turn in Premiere Elements for years at the Adobe forum and Muvipix.com

      Check these out, you can do a great page turn and book opening in Premiere Pro the exact same way.

      Here is an example

      Here is how to do it

      Very cool !!

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      can you please guide me step by step in ulead? I have two ulead: cool 3d production and cool 3d 3.5. which one? I have tried both did not the book.

      Thank you

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      I just went and cheked. If i look under the help and infor I have Cool 3D Studio 1.0.1

      After you open the program you need to locate the easy palete. There at the top of the tree list is “composition” under that is “movies”. when that folder is highlighted you should see some picture type icons. On mine the third one down you should see a picture of a book on a table with other books in the background. You can click and drag that into your work space. This is a complete 3d animation. You can run the annimation there to see what it does. you then need to edit the elements to change text and picture. Step by step with out screen capture pictures will be almost impossible. I don’t load a lot of extra apps on the machine with that software on it. You will need to review the help files and manual to some extent. I don’t know if there are any on line tutuorials for Cool 3d.

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      maybe my ulead has a problem I really did not see it.

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