flip canvas of video in which program?

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I am trying to be able to flip the canvas (the whole video) of my film of a dance so that instead of entering from the left, it will look like the dancer is entering from the left. Anyone know how or in what program I can do this?

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Most video editing programs have some ability to do this. It is usually an effect, in Final Cut Pro it is called "Flop", it also exist in premiere and Premiere elements, and you can do it in motion graphics programs like After Effects. Keep in mind that what the effect does is reverse the entire video clip so any text that you have in the shot will end up reversed as well, and will look really strange.

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Sony Vegas will also do this easily. I shot one video where one camera was mounted upside down, and it was simple in Vegas to flip it. Your render will be a long one because every frame has to be rendered.