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Flickering or Artifacts out of Compressor

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    I’m having some major issues when compressing my dot mov out of compressor into DVD format. Lots of flickering or artifacting is happening. These problems are not in my dot mov so it’s obvious the problem lies in Compressor. My dot my is in Apple ProRes 422 and I’m compressing to DVD. The video here looks funny because it is the DVD mpeg 2 compression but you can still see the issue happening. I’ve tried different compression settings and am at the end of my rope. Any suggestions or help?

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    So, I ended up having to cut my project in half and write a dot mov for each half and then compress each half. Little bit of a pain in the rear but it looks decent enough. Not ideal for my liking but the producer doesn’t mind. I would like to know why I was getting that problem. My thought is that compressor had issues breaking down the information with the bright colors, dark shadows and the sun light coming through the trees. Any of that make sense?

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