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      I am using a Canon XF300 camera to film someone applying paint to a floor. When the camera in panning on the freshly applied paint, we see flickering and shimmering where light hits the shinny surface. It looks perfect when the camera stands still. I’m shooting at 1028p30 and my shutter speed is 40. Is it because my shutter speed is too low? I’ve heard that my shutter speed should be twice as fast as the frame rate, which is 30 in my case.

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      Question, is it flickering in your editing software? Did you try rendering your footage and does it flicker in the rendered project. I know that in Adobe CS5 ACVHD files will flicker in the desplay screen but when rendered it looks great. I always shoot in 720p and then up-convert to 1080i if needed, looks betted that way on my Panasonic AG-HC150.

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      I’m using FCP for editing. Can’t see much in my editing window because it’s too small. When I export to DivX and watch it on a TV screen, I see a little bit of flickering where the fresh paint has been applied. I also think it could be caused by the fact that full HD resolution is making us see details we would not see with our older, lower end camera. HD can be a problem because it hides nothing. We’re probably seeing the bubbles created by the contact of the foam roller and the fresh paint.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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