Flicker in DV of on-screen film

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      I’m doing a project that involves capturing projected images of 16 and 35mm film on DVCAM tape. It’s the only way I can capture the images, which are held at the National Archives. I’m using a Sony PD 170 in a dimly lit viewing area, shooting the screen on the projection unit. The images are color true and sharp (or as sharp as the film), but when I view them on a monitor there is a distinct flicker. I’m not allowed to bring a monitor into the Archives to experiment there with flicker reduction. Is that a change I can make to the shutter speed of the 170 that will reduce the flicker during playback of the DVCAM tape?

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      your problem lies with the frame rate difference between the film which is played at 24 frames per second and your camera which records at 30 interlaced frames per second.

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      This is a well known problem and there are solutions. Check this link which lists researchers on media issues who are credentialed with the National Archives and Records Administration. Many phone numbers here; you may get lucky and get a free remedy over the phone; or you may have to pay for a resource. I brought this link up by starting with http://www.firstgov.gov which is the portal for surfing to anywhere in the Federal Govenrment not behind a firewall.


      Good Luck!

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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