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      I started to use PPCS4 the other day because I need to take video and prepare it for a website. I think I would like to use Flash and when I saved the video, PP put it into F4V format. I have not heard of this type of Flash before. Will my website users be able to play this? Wouldn’t FLV be more readily playable?

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      FLV & F4V are both the flash video format.

      FLV is the original format supported by Flash player versions 7-10.

      F4V being newer is only supported by player versions 9 release 1.13 (I think) and 10.

      The main difference is the type of compression used. The FLV format uses compression based on teh h.263 standard, while F4V uses the newer (and in general better) h.264. The newer support support hd video and high quality audio.

      It really depends on which version of the flash player your viewers have.

      You can reference this site for statistics on Adobe Flash Player usage:


      Flash player usage by version:


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