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      Hi everyone,

      We are new to both Video and Flash and been working on a huge project for our “paygrade” we have worked through so many kinks and we are really stuck at our last problem before we are ready to launch the website. Any help from the Video Gods, would be grealty appreciated. We have created a educational website for Mortgage Professionals, so they should have a fair to decent computer and internet speeds, We are going to make quite a few of them, 40+, most will be 2-3 minuted long, talking heads, low motion and screen capture, with a few larger 6-9 minutes with few more effects, but nothing high motion. We are trying to find the optimal blend between file size and quality and quite frankly getting our heads handed to us( I have such a respect for you professionals, video is insanely complex).

      You can see the website at http://www.AdvancedMortgagePlanning.org,
      – For an example of a smaller video go Gratitude, then Loan Tool Box
      – For an example of a larger video go Discover AMPp, the main video will play

      The set up we have is:
      FMS server to stream videos,
      Bandwidth: 1mpbs
      BW Transfer: 30 GB

      Camera: Sony HVR-A1U,
      Footage Captured DV 4:3 720×480, 29.97,
      Exported using Veescope Live, 4:3 to .mov

      Flash 8 Custom Video Player, using a net-stream connection

      Editing Premiere Pro CS3 exporting to various settings: This one are we could use some big help, we are getting crushed in what size to make the videos, for many we are fine with 320×240, but some of the more”important” we would like to be larger, 480×360 or 720×480 if possible, but keeping the bit rate down makes them grainy, is there some adjustment we can make in our settings to get a optimized solution? Would it be better to set up the Premiere file at the ratio we are going to export it at i.e. base video 720×480 to, premiere file 320×480- export 320×480, or is it better to make the premiere file the same as the source and export to the smaller?
      Format :FLV
      On2 Vp6
      Bit rate 512

      1. One of the problems is that the some of the videos, play all the way through, and some stop inexplicably and some play all the way through:
      One that stops is
      – For an example of a smaller video go Gratitude, then Gratitude Opening
      One that plays all the way through
      – For an example of a smaller video go Gratitude, then Mortgage Market Guide
      We cannot tell if this is a problem with the source or the video player, we play the source files in real player, and flash and they play all the way through, yet we cannot discover any settings in the player that solve the problem of the stopping.
      2. The larger video stops playing inexplicably at minute 5:57 of 9:37:
      Again it plays all the way through in Real player & Flash

      In Deep Gratitude,

      Joshua Tree

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